A parallel world

Curated by Joan Fontcuberta

Artists: Andrés Galeano, Albert Gusi, Roberto Feijoo, David Mayo, Alberto Salván, Txema Salvans, Rubén Torras, Bárbara Traver and Azahara Cerezo

From the 16th June to the 23rd of September 2018

Inauguration, Saturday 16th June 12am at Bòlit_LaRambla

Bòlit_LaRambla, Sala Fidel Aguilar


A parallel world


"Since its introduction in 2008, Google Street view has proven that the internet offers us double visual access to reality. Until now we have had to discover the layout of public space by visiting them in person, but now with this new virtual experience tool, we can get the same information without having to leave the computer screen. GSV provides us with a deferred and second-hand (or second-eye) perception of any passable location on the planet. Its effects are extremely practical for users and it is for this reason that GSV has become so popular as a system for locating addresses or identifying specific locations. However, it has also generated a new area of conceptual and creative research, inspiring several projects from contemporary artists: the availability and possibility of the images obtained from the GSV interface generates an unprecedented visual substance - the virtual representation of reality - which invites the viewer to consider it critically and artistically. 


Projects by new artists - Andrés Galeano (Mataró/Berlin), Albert Gusi (Castellbisbal), Roberto Feijoo (Barcelona), David Mayo (Seville), Alberto Salván (Madrid), Txema Salvans (Barcelona), Ruben Torras (Sant Vicenç de Montalt), Barbara Traver (Valencia) and Azahara Cerezo (Girona) - cover a wide range of options that explore issues of perception of the area, the landscape, technology and the virtual representation of reality." 

Joan Fontcuberta, commissioner of the exhibition


The col·lective exhibition, produced by Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, has been organized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the framework of the Program of Itinerant Exhibitions 2017-2018.