Estado de malestar [ "State of distress" ]  

María Ruido

17 January - 16 February, 2020

Presentation and talk, Friday 14th February at 6.30 pm

Bòlit_LaRambla, Sala Fidel Aguilar


"Capital makes the worker ill, and then multinational pharmaceutical companies sell them drugs to make them better. The social and political causation of distress is neatly sidestepped at the same time as discontent is individualised and interiorised".                           


Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism

Estado de malestar [ "State of distress" ]
 (2019) takes as its starting point a series of texts by Mark Fisher, Franco Berardi "Bifo" and Santiago López Petit, as well as conversations with philosophers, psychiatrists and patients or diagnosed people, notably with the activist collective InsPiradas, in Madrid, in order to present itself as a visual essay about the social symptomatology and psychic suffering in the age of capitalist realism, about the pain that our life system inflicts upon us, and about the places and actions of resistance and change that we can build to combat it.