Appearances. Photography in the Banc Sabadell Collection

From 11 May to 15 September 2019

Bòlit_LaRambla, Fidel Aguilar Room



Photography in the Banc Sabadell Collection


Bleda & Rosa, Cristina de Middel, Carmela García, Ferran Garcia Sevilla, Chema Madoz, Isabel Muñoz, Mabel Palacín, Perejaume, Mònica Planes, Juan Uslé   


Contemporary photography occupies a prominent place in the Banc Sabadell Collection. "Appearances" is an exhibition comprising a selection of works that invite the viewer to enter the infinite game between appearance and reality: between superficial knowledge and deep knowledge, between what something is and at the same time what it is not.


In art, appearance is not a false or incomplete perception but rather an aesthetic quality. Beauty is appearance, something that the senses perceive immediately. But art demands more careful examination, beyond this sensory knowledge.


"Appearances" contains both questions and answers about the true nature of reality: what is apparent and what is real.


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