Bòlit Residencia Girona Creativa    


Bòlit, Centre d'Art Contemporani. Girona is launching Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa, a programme of creative residencies designed to promote national and international artistic exchanges. The project has two aims: to welcome new artists and their work to Girona, and to foster the international mobility of local artists.


The programme involves preparing a space for the residency and calling for applicants to occupy it, with options for organising exchanges with other centres in Catalonia, Spain and abroad that also offer artistic residencies.


The space is designed to accommodate artists, curators and other professionals working with the visual arts, enabling them to explore their ideas in greater depth and providing support for the creative and/or research process, while making their work known to a wider public through participation in the Bòlit programme or exhibitions in the city's municipal and civic spaces.


This space will allow artists and creative or cultural professionals to become involved in the city's social and cultural life, thereby enriching their work and experience. It will also help local artists gain international experience and recognition by giving them access to residencies in other countries.


The programme will not just provide premises for artists to work in. It will also be an enriching experience for both the artist and the host city, based on a dialogue between them.


The Bòlit Centre is also interested in establishing cooperation agreements with public and private arts centres in Spain and abroad in order to organise artistic exchanges, offering residencies for their artists in Girona while helping local artists to gain international experience and recognition.


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The Bòlit residency space is located in the Sant Pere district, close to Bòlit_StNicolau, one of the Art Centre's main exhibition spaces and the future home of the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (Casa Pastors).


The studio overlooks a square with views of the cathedral tower, the archaeological gardens, the rose window of the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the Chapel of Sant Nicolau. From the balcony there are views of the bell tower of the church of Sant Fèlix.


In addition to being very centrally located (just five minutes from the city centre), this part of the city is gradually developing as a hub for the creative industries sector, with an exciting network of small businesses and workshops.


It is very close to one of Girona's key road accesses (the northern motorway access and the Pedret ring road) but just a stone's throw from one of the city's loveliest green spaces, the Sant Daniel valley.


Right on the doorstep of the city, this is the meeting point for three of Girona's four rivers, the Galligants, the Onyar and the Ter.


The residential space comprises a fully equipped double bedroom, kitchen/dining room and bathroom. The accommodation has heating, Wi-Fi and is provided with all necessary items such as sheets, towels, kitchen and tableware, etc.


The studio will be clean and in good condition on entry. The resident will be responsible for cleaning during the stay, although an external cleaning firm will carry out a general clean at the end of each residency. The resident must leave the space in the same state as at the start of the residency.


In addition to the residential space, the resident may also be able to use additional facilities and equipment belonging to Bòlit, Centre d'Art Contemporani and to Girona's Municipal Art School (offices, exhibition spaces, workshops and materials), subject to availability. The Centre's technical team will be available to provide practical and creative support and advice to the artist during the residency as well as help with publicising his/her work.