What is Bòlit?


Bòlit, Centre d'Art Contemporani. Girona is a municipal facility belonging to Girona City Council and has been running research, artistic production & exhibition programs in the domain of visual art since 2008.


It is an open, participative space offering a service to artists & the public. It provides support for creative work & artistic production, presents solo & group exhibitions, organizes activities and educational programs, and has a project for artists-in-residence.


Its mission is to put together programs to research, produce and exhibit contemporary art projects by national and international professionals with strong ties to the local context.


Bòlit organizes programs of exhibitions and the activities (workshops, talks, urban actions, series of screenings, specific proposals and works in progress) designed to get civil society involved right from the start. 


The center has three exhibition venues:


Bòlit, Center of Contemporary Art. Girona: office, exhibition hall, education space, library and archive.


Bòlit_LaRambla, Sala Fidel Aguilar: exhibition hall.


Bòlit_StNicolau: exhibition hall, documentation and meeting space.


The name of the center refers to the traditional game of bòlit (also known like bèlit, or pick and shovel), rooted in the neighborhood of Sant Narcis of Girona, where each year the world championship is celebrated.


It is a game that presents similarities with the baseball, it is played between two teams and consists of making jump and throwing a piece of wood -the bòlit- with a shovel.


More information

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Right from the start, when the word "bòlit" was chosen to designate Girona's contemporary art centre, the aim has been to work out of and for the local context.

This documentary video, which links the Centre's identity with its territory, joins the series of artistic proposals of work in progress in the territory which have been carried out at Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre over the last two years.

The idea of the video is to draw attention to the light-hearted, traditional etymology of the name of the Centre, which is linked to a traditional Girona activity.