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The Bòlit's documentation space, in the Bòlit (Plaça Pou Rodó), is open to all. The archive collection, which is at artists and public disposal, includes books, magazines, catalogues and documents, with 2.500 specialized references on Contemporary Creation and Thought as a result of several donations by other centres along with a bibliography that has been acquired during the past years.    


An essential part of this archive is made up with folders that collect publications and artist catalogues, spaces and projects form Girona and surroundings, under the name "Arxiu Actiu" (Active Archive).


The aim of the documentation program service is to offer the public an archive collection on Contemporary Art. The idea is to dispose of specialized documentation on Contemporary Creation and Thought that support the life of the Art Centre, artists, museum and art gallery professionals, professors and students form the area, an to work in collaboration with other documentation centres.


Additionally, the Centre will produce and make accessible the documentation that results form research, production or exhibition processes linked to its program.   


Content list of the Arxiu_Actiu folders        

arxiu_artistes_desembre_2019-web-.pdf (1,484.14 KB)


Fons Bòlit Content List

arxiu-borlit-octubre-2017-.pdf (1,394.71 KB)


Micro-exhibitions and activities


In order to introduce the documentation service, Olga Taravilla and Rita Andreu have curated and conducted a cycle of micro-exhibitions, activities and presentations linked with the Centre's collection. Free admission to all activities. 


The Congosound



From the 27th of January to the 30th of April 2017  


The Congosound is the brand that the artist, Carles Congost, uses to refer to his vocation as a musical producer. From the mid 90s up to now, The Congosound has gone through various stages and circumstances, welcoming numerous collaborators among which the musician and culture manager, Vincent Fibla, and the singer, Jessie Park, must be highlighted.


The Congosound has published the following albums Jessie's Theme, 1998 (Cosmos Records), Jackson, 2002 (Cosmos Records), Say I' m Your Number One/Superpitcher vs The Congosound, 2008 (Kompakt), Pepsi Love (feat. Ryan Paris), 2014 (Maletas Violentas) and Això Que Sona És Nostre/ Josep Xortó + The Congosound, 2017 (Maletas Violentas). 


In this exhibition there are material samples that link to Carles Congost's musical vocation, which compliments and interrelates his artistic trajectory.  


Micro-exhibition linked to the "A Sense of Wonder" exhibition.