Dread of being Devoured, Desire to be Devoured

Opening: 17 February 2011 (7.30 pm)
18 February - 25 April 2011



Pep Admetlla + spaceGAP-architectureSTUDIO , Louidgi Beltrame, Ge Jin, Marisa González, Adrian Melis and María Ruido


Bòlit-LaRambla, Dadespai and Bòlit-SantNicolau

At the height of the Cold War, Pier Paolo Pasolini warned of the "dread of being devoured". When ideological systems are imposed on society, Pasolini observed the emergence of radical and opposing, decisive and complementary options arising out of a common fear that is as old as humanity itself, i.e. the dread of being devoured. As happens with other human passions such as love and hatred, if this dread turns into an obsession, it can lead to its opposite, i.e. the desire to be devoured.


Fifty years later, the vociferous upheaval of the production systems is the backdrop for a change in paradigms and their negative social repercussions. When the old antagonisms and bipolarization have been dissolved, the time may be ripe for observing the nature of the "system" in all its decadence and complexity, re-thinking our attitudes (as opposed to our models) and seeking new ways of building the future.


"Dread of being Devoured, Desire to be Devoured" has invited artists and professionals from the fields of architecture, economics and history to come and express their views. Obsolescence, labour exploitation, unproductive structures, the virtual economy, situations bordering on incongruence and on the absurd, and the debatable amnesia of today's economy are among the realities highlighted in this exhibition. The artists' proposals lift the carpet of globalization so we can peep underneath and reflect upon what we see.


On exhibit, works by Pep Admetlla + spaceGAP-architectureSTUDIO, Louidgi Beltrame, Marisa González, Ge Jin, Adrian Melis and María Ruido


For consulting, documentary collection by María Ruido


In dialogue, Xavier Carmaniu and Miren Etxezarreta


Presentation of new models and attitudes, Núria Güell and Enric Duran


Pictures Gallery


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