"Petites Mémoires" 

Jean Bigot


Opening : 13/03/09 19.30h
Sala El Celler
Museu d'Història de la Ciutat
Carrer de la Força, 27
17004 Girona


This exhibition includes Petites mémoires, a collection of personal objects and documents celebrating the memory of Carles Rahola and a documentary video with a fresh vision of this important figure through the personal account of his daughter Carolina.


Jean Bigot's great-grandparents were heroes of the Spanish Civil War and are still key figures in Catalonia today: Pompeu Fabra, author of the General Dictionary of the Catalan Language, died in exile in Prada, whilst historian and philosopher Carles Rahola was sentenced to death and executed in his hometown of Girona on 15 March 1939.


In Petites mémoires, the artist uses his own memory to evoke recent Spanish history through the tale of his maternal family, a story set between Spain and France that brings together the Civil War, executions, exile and dictatorship, but also holidays, sea and sun.


In the darkness, Jean Bigot presents a series of boxes containing different objects and documents, personal memories, family photos. Alongside the installation is a video in which Carolina Rahola talks about her father, his trial and execution and the long years of dictatorship and silence. As the artist explains, 1939 created an irreversible chasm in the fate of each and every member of his family, changing the course of their history, their hopes for the future, and opening wounds that will outlive people, passed on from generation to generation and wrapping all the happy images with a veil of an invisible shadow. Paradoxically, this is precisely the shadow that Bigot tries to reveal here through the happy memories of his own childhood and the traces of a leaden, persistent past.


This activity forms part of Girona City Council's cultural programme to mark the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War and acts of tribute to Carles Rahola.


Produced with the support of Memorial Democràtic.


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