What is landscape, really? Does it exist on its own, in nature, or does it arise from the construct of the gaze? Does it respond merely to a vision, or should it be related to experience and emotion?


Landscape? presents proposals based on the territory, as a means of activating a learning process on these and other issues, in order to clarify whether landscape is evoked, discovered or built, and whether destruction is a common element throughout. Considering the possibility that precisely this ambivalence may be the generative force of all landscape.


Experience and research into spatial and phenomenological categories on the natural, urban and emotional features of landscape underpin the approach of Landscape? to aspects such as progress, identity and public space. These are dealt with at the exhibition from both affirmative and negative positions, in a discourse which explores several different opposing possibilities.


If construction and destruction are two sides of the same coin, then to what extent do they affect and relate to social, economic and political transformations concerning the landscape, and vice versa? To what extent does landscape creation pertain to any given territory? Or landscape destruction?


Rosa Pera



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