Variable Future

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Sascha Pohflepp, Félix Luque and Àlex Nogué

Curator: Rosa Pera


Opening: 30 June

1  july to 18 september, 2011

Bòlit-LaRambla, Dadespai and Bòlit-SantNicolau




Wondering where the future lies before it is ensnared by the present could be a pertinent question if there are voices drawing attention to the here and now and to the economic and technological processes acting as catalysts for the future, especially when it is often viewed catastrophically.


Now, when the fluid 21st century has thinned out many past limits, science fiction is no longer a separate fantasy world, philosophy no longer a hermetic field for speculation, and design no longer a practice centred solely on materials, the artists presenting their work in Variable Future aren't concerned with imagining possible or impossible futures. Their pieces simply hint, and subtly focus attention on prolonged reflection on the future condition, with oblique references to science fiction, philosophy or synthetic biology and artificial intelligence.


Given that the time has come for survival, how can we deal with the menace of a future that threatens to devour the present? The most sensible options seem to involve rethinking it. According to some, the first step is becoming more aware of time by slowing it down.



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