Variable Future

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Sascha Pohflepp, Félix Luque and Àlex Nogué

Curator: Rosa Pera


Opening: 30 June

1  july to 18 september, 2011

Bòlit-LaRambla, Dadespai and Bòlit-SantNicolau




Capella de Santa Llúcia

Pendulum Music. Pendulum music (For Microphones, Amplifiers, Speakers and Performers)

by Steve Reich

Laboratori d'Art Sonor at the University of Barcelona

Capella de Santa Llúcia

(Jardins de John Lennon, Porta de la Muralla s/n, Girona)


8 pm

Free admission


The Laboratori d'Art Sonor at the University of Barcelona presents Pendulum Music, an experimental piece by Steve Reich that resists pigeonholing. It can be seen as a work of art, an installation or a concert - or all three at once.


The performers simply let the sound take place, in keeping with work by Reich and other minimalists. Based on repetitions and variations, synchronies and asynchronies, rhythm and tone progressions, this composition also opens the door to sound installations and pure sound sculpture.


This piece was first performed by Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra, Michael Snow and James Tenney at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1969.


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Drawing Masterclass


Drawing Masterclass

Given by Àlex Nogué, artist and professor at the University of Barcelona

Institut d'Estudis Nahmànides in Museu d'Història dels Jueus

(Carrer de la Força 8, Girona)

5-7 pm

Free registration. Limited places.


Drawing is an ideal tool for understanding and experimenting with artistic processes and can also act as a powerful resource for sparking creativity.


‘The drawing masterclass' is aimed at people working in any field of artistic creation (architects, actors, painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, etc.) and adults in general without any specific visual training who are keen to explore their creative side.


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Guided tours

From 07/01/11 to 09/18/11.
Bòlit-LaRambla, Dadespai i Bòlit-SantNicolau

Guided tours

Free activity

Times to be arranged

Prior reservation necessary


The tours include a guided commentary at Bòlit-LaRambla, Bòlit-SantNicolau and Dadespai.