Jordi Colomer, Adrià Julià, David Maljkovic, Chris Mottalini, Javier Peñafiel, Peter Piller, Thomas Steinert and Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation

Curator: Martí Peran


10 February to 29 April,  2012

Opening: Thursday 9 February, 7.30pm



Exhibition co-produced by Bòlit & Fundació Foto Colectania and sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell



Indirect speech is the style of narration in which the speaker appropriates the character's voice to edit it as a clause subordinated to his/her own position. With this sort of gesture, contemporary culture tries to overcome a very specific deficiency: the urgency for a future.



Through an indirect speech, different episodes of the past, yet filled with hope and potentially projected into the future, are reviewed and reformatted as flashbacks that can storm the present, shake the linearity of history and allow dreaming about the future.



By the use of collage to reassemble fragments of materials, narratives and geographies, the photographic medium has become an effective tool to test this impatient, political (re)construction of new horizons. The exhibition "Indirect Speech" brings together different works settled in a tension between memory and prediction.




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