Esprit de Corps

17 October, 2009 - 10 January, 2010

Bòlit-LaRambla, Bòlit - St. Nicolau & Dadespai



The term esprit de corps is generally used to express group awareness, the identification of a tight-knit group of persons acting towards common goals, in which individual strengths are united as in a single body. The expression is often applied to situations of coordinated collective action, as in armies, sports teams or student groups.


In this year's autumn programme we wish to explore manifestations in which the individualities of persons in a group become diluted in their united effort to achieve a common goal. On the one hand, conceptually, with artistic works exploring this idea through a specific activity, in this case football and its repercussions as a collective social event; and on the other hand, more concretely, with works by groups of artists acting as a corporative identity and from the specific, essential realm of the body, counterpoising the visual arts with body expressions such as dance and stage creation.

With esprit de corps as the underlying concept, Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre of Girona joins the Independent Galleries of Catalonia Association initiative of presenting a series of artistic creations on the theme of football, at La Tardor de l'Art [Art Autumn]. The exhibition, entitled Fora de joc [Offside], is extended to art centres such as Sunyol Foundation, Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) and La Panera Art Centre, and also to Catalan art galleries including ADN Galeria, Alejandro Sales, Estrany-De la Mota, Miguel Marcos, Nogueras Blanchard, Palma Dotze, ProjecteSD, Sebastià Petit and Toni Tàpies. Within this programme, Bòlit presents La por del porter davant el penal [The Goalkeeper's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick] (2001) by Mataró artist Martí Anson and No os dejéis consolar [Don't Let Yourselves Be Consoled] (2009) by Democracia group from Madrid, with different forms of the latter being presented simultaneously at Bòlit and at ADN Galeria in Barcelona.

In our concrete approach to esprit de corps, Bòlit wishes to take the Girona area as a starting point, given its especially rich and compelling context of experimental body expression initiatives and productions in various artistic fields. It is neither arbitrary nor casual to mention body and image in the same breath as creativity in Girona; not in vain has this area produced some of the firmest initiatives in dance, video and digital creation, such as the International Festival of Video and Digital Arts (VAD) promoted by Núria Font (National Dance Prize 2009), and in innovative body expression, such as L'animal a l'esquena - cos creació pensament (Celrà) and Mal Pelo set up twenty years ago by María Muñoz and Pep Ramis. It also goes without saying that Temporada Alta Festival directed by Salvador Sunyer has gained international recognition for its promotion of experimental creations in the scenic arts. Our concrete approach from the Girona context presents two proposals based on the exploration of body and image: Refugi [Refuge] installation (2009) by Mal Pelo, María Muñoz - Pep Ramis; and, in co-production with Temporada Alta Festival, 8 parells de botes [8 Pairs of Boots] (2009) by AREAtangent theatre group, with participation by Marcel·lí Antúnez, Xavi Bobés, Jordi Casanovas, Iker Gómez, Cristina Martín and Raquel Tomàs, among others.


As a related activity on the same theme, Bòlit also hosts some of the projects selected for the 2009 VAD Festival with video installations featuring body and image elements.


Esprit de Corps is a fruit of the Bòlit spirit, providing further proof that current artistic practices abide not by established limits or formats, but by the exploration of contemporary phenomena and experimentation with languages and disciplines: here is a spirit that seeks complicities within its own context and unites its strengths in the one action, as in a single body.

Rosa Pera

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