Manuel Saiz

Toni Serra

Bill Viola


26.06.09 - 20.09.09


Dark Nights of the Soul is programmed to coincide with the 10th Festival of World and Sacred Music of Girona organized by Girona Auditorium. It takes its inspiration from the mystical experience of different cultures and sensitivities and leads us towards the representation of identities and imageries through the work of three artists: Bill Viola with The Messenger (Bòlit-Sant Nicolau), Toni Serra with Itishara Archives (Bòlit-la Rambla), and Manuel Saiz (Dadespai) with A New Chance for Symbolic Dimension.


The three video-installations represent different regards on our ability to ponder and seek the hidden face of existence, through our experience of the unknown, of dreams and of visions concerning life and death.


With these projects, we wish to underline the construction of imageries in order to attain that for which no hard-and-fast explanation exists. We set out to do so beyond stereotypes and beliefs, from different positions, such as the contemplative spirit of Bill Viola, the critical attitude of Toni Serra and the irony of Manuel Saiz.


Image: Ambient Ideas Photography


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