From April 11 to June 20, 2012

Institut de Secundària Carles Rahola (Girona)


An experience-based educational activity




With the aim of forging future ties between the city's cultural and artistic production centres and its schools and colleges, Bòlit_Residents has set up an experience-based pilot programme that brings together creation and education, modelled on the ongoing En residència. Creadors als instituts de Barcelona [In residence. Creators in Barcelona schools and colleges] programme launched by ICUB in 2009.




In keeping with its mission to forge ties, spark discourse and create a dialogue with its context, Bòlit sees education as one of the key areas in which to act and work to capture new audiences and promote creative practice.


Bòlit_Residents aims to expose students to all aspects of contemporary art production: conceptualisation, preparation and research, materialisation, documenting the creative process, etc. as well as public presentation at a professional exhibition space. In addition, it is also keen to increase students' creativity, raise their awareness and hone their analytical skills, as well as forge active ties between schools and innovation and experimentation through contemporary artistic practices.


Students and teachers at a secondary school in the city are invited to get a firsthand idea of contemporary artistic practices by witnessing the process of how a work is created and how its future exhibition at Bòlit is designed. Accompanied by Bòlit management and the exhibition curators, one of the artists at the exhibition currently being prepared becomes an artist-in-residence at the school for three months in order to share the research and creative process with students and teachers. Once they have given the workshop, the artist produces their piece. Later, the artist meets with the students, teachers, curators and the Bòlit team again as part of the final process for setting up the work in the exhibition space and presenting it to the public.




Taking one of Bòlit's research areas, the city of Girona, as their topic, a group of second-year secondary students and their teachers in the visual arts area have had direct, ongoing contact with an artist and her work, the first time such an experience has taken place in the city.


Bòlit_Residents was carried out for the first time at Carles Rahola secondary school between 11 April and 20 June 2012 with artist-in-residence Marta Negre (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1973), in collaboration with researcher and sound creator Martí Ruiz Carulla (Barcelona, 1982), as part of the preparation and evolution of the Bòlit exhibition project Ænvers Girona_Mapes intangibles [Ænvers Girona_Intangible Maps], curated by Flora Bacquelaine (Girona, 1976).


Now we present the materials created by the students in a real-life exhibition environment, the Ænvers Girona_Mapes intangibles exhibition, together with work by Marta Negre based on her shared process with students.


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